Weekend in Blacksmithing

If you have never lifted a hammer before but you thought Blacksmithing looks like fun and you would love to give it a go, this class at Hot Milk Forge is for you. By the end of the two days you will have completed a beautiful hand forged Flower Basket Hanger for your own home. Additionally, you will be introduced to the majority of the basic skills of blacksmithing. Including: Scrolling, Drawing down, Twisting, upsetting, reviting…. etc.

This Course is also open to people who have come before, we’ll just advance your skills by completing a project more in tune with your skill base

Duration: 2 days

Cost         £100

Footwear:           Walking boots/Sturdy shoes/suitable outdoor clothing

Clothing:             Check forecast beforehand and dress suitably

To book: E: hotmilkforge@gmail.com/ T: 07740510008