George Shiels, born in Ballymoney in 1881, was the most notable playwright from this area.   He emigrated to North America, where in 1904 he was severely injured in an accident while working on the Canadian Pacific Railway.  The Ulster Literary Theatre performed his early plays, but he then had about thirty plays produced at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.  His plays were comedies, but with satirical undertones.  He spent his last years at New Lodge, Carnlough and died in September 1949.

Gary Mitchell, from Rathcoole, born in 1965, has specialised in the depiction of working-class Protestant life, portrayed in an uncompromising manner.  His play, In a little world of our own, won the Irish Times Theatre Award for best new play in 1999, and the following year, The force of change, won the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright.  He has since had three plays produced at the Royal Court Theatre in London.  His latest play, Remnants of fear, was recently premiered in Belfast.