This is the key to make your actions really efficient, involving your staff and visitors will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Inform them of what you do for the environment, and encourage them to follow you, they will feel a sense of achievement by “doing their bit” to help the environment.

Involving your staff in your green policy can help in management, as it can act as a key motivator for your staff.

In the Causeway Coast and Glens area, tourists are looking for beautiful scenery and green landscapes.  They would be happy to do their bit to preserve it, protect it and enhance it for future generations.  They will be grateful that you look after it. Holidays can be the perfect time to change behaviors.

  • Write in partnership with your staff one green policy and make it accessible to all staff and visitors
  • Invite nominations for a Green Champion
  • Write a visitor charter to explain and invite them to “do their bit” for the environment (and to help you)
  • Display polite notices to remind staff and visitors to follow your ‘green policy’
  • Provide visual aids to explain what they can do. Give some examples (prevent energy wastage, water wastage, provide accurate public transport information, information about local producers and outdoor activities)
  • Facilitate feedback and suggestions from staff and visitor by making available one suggestion box
  • Put up the NITB’s posters “think green” and “green travel code”

Ideas to help, check out

Awarenessideas: website which sells awareness posters and can give you ideas about communication and visual aids.

CCGHT green policy and action plan.

Better-tourism the website provides help to create your green policy and visitor charter

Do you need help to source a slogan which will motivate your staff and visitors without making them feel guilty?