Despite the rainy weather, water in the UK is not as abundant as you may think and it costs a lot to treat the wastewater.

In summer we need more water, both fresh and drinking because of the warm weather and the number of tourists. There is competition for the uses between wildlife, agriculture, tourism, which can increase the price of drinking water. The coast line is very sensitive and polluted water can affect it and its wildlife.

It is the role of each of us to take care of water, by reducing our consumption and decrease water pollution. There are easy steps involving simple changes in your behaviour that you can do to begin:

  • Check for leaks frequently and report them to your water supplier
  • Use plants that require less water,
  • Turn off the water while soaping hands
  • Wash on full loads
  • Use a broom not a hose to clean driveways and walkways

When buying appliances check the energy efficiency of the product.  This will reduce your water consumption and will be more cost effective. In addition, this will help to reduce water pollution by rejecting less water, often less contaminated.

  • Use ecological cleaning products
  • Buy and use water savers, (put faucet aerators on sink faucets)
  • Consider installing duel flush capacity toilets to allow for a full or half flush, depending on what is needed
  • Use taps aerators and aerators in your shower head which mix air with the water to produce the same force of flow
  • Install flow restrictors (valves in the taps) to reduce the volume of water
  • Install a water butt to recover rainwater, and then use in your garden

You can find further advice on the following websites

Energy Saving Trust: provides water-saving advice and links, recommends water-saving products

They also have created an water energy calculator

Northern Ireland Environment Agency: The agency that looks after water quality in Northern Ireland

Waterwise: They are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. Their web site provides advice and tips on how to save water and save money. They also provide a Water Calculator.