The Causeway Coast and Glens area contains three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). These designations recognise the rich wildlife and landscape in the area that needs to be preserved.

Nature is what we are famous for and it is arguably what we do in a good way.  While farming has helped to shape the land over generations, giving us the traditional patchwork quilt scenery synonymous with postcard Ireland, we take huge pride in the unspoilt natural beauty of our land and seascapes.

Take part in its conservation by sharing your opinion on the management and work with the AONB manager.  You will be more credible with your visitors. You will be better equipped to give tourists accurate advice and information.

To achieve this aim you can start by being involved in the AONB network. Encourage your visitors to respect the Countryside Code and the 7 principles of Leave no Trace Ireland.

Conservation and Your Business

  • Contact and work in partnership with the National Trust and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty managers
  • Support or take part in conservation projects, contact local associations
  • Provide advice on your favourite place to enjoy the landscape or to see wildlife
  • Provide the information on the 7 principles of leave no trace
  • Buy local, preserve local agriculture and indeed conserve Green Space & Farmland