The Causeway Coast AONB, the Antrim Coast and Glens AONB and the Binevenagh AONB already benefit from the local tourism industry. The potential for this area to benefit the local economy can be achieved through your move towards a sustainable tourism business. By improving your contribution to the AONBs, your business will be helping to preserve the environment, improve visitors experience and improve your business performance. Therefore, we can see a trend of development, a ripple effect through aiming to become a more sustainable business. By working together with your local community, you can start to see positive changes for your business and the surrounding region.

Working together can mean supporting the local economy, in your day to day purchases (like food) or for your furnishings, and also by promoting local businesses, artists, producers, to your visitors.

By doing this, you will bring something special to your business and your area which could provide financial profits. Who will contribute to the area quality? This includes reciprocal trading – you scratch their back, they will scratch yours, cut down on unnecessary transportation costs and CO2 emissions, foster a local cultural identity, keep traditional craft methods alive.

It is also a way to propose “unique experiences” for the visitors by associating many activities together and create partnerships between professionals; this will make their stay special and unique.

Working together also means working as a network, one of most accessible is your local TIC, so introduce yourself and your activity to your TIC, you also can ask them about other activities and businesses in the area.

Investigate the availability of AONB networks, which help to manage the protected areas. Since CCGHT has been awarded the EU Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Area, a “Sustainable Tourism Forum” has been established which includes all local businesses who are interested in sustainable tourism and who want to work together to improve their tourism offers.