CCGHT received approval for 2 projects under the new Interreg VB Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020. 13 projects have been approved overall out of 20 applications received.

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CCGHT is the lead partner Drifting Apart – Reuniting our geological heritage. Over the next 3 years the Drifting Apart project will unearth and strengthen the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating and interconnected geological heritage of the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, and its many links to natural, built and cultural heritage – It will support the development of new and aspiring Global Geoparks, the promotion of innovative products and services for social and economic prosperity and to continue to build a strong network of Geo-heritage destinations in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Region. The project will bring together a series of partners from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Canada and Russia. The total value of the project is EUR1.75m with EUR1.09m offered by the EU.

CCGHT is a partner on Craft Reach. Over the next 3 years the Craft Reach project will develop and test services to help quality craft businesses grow and prosper in peripheral areas by improving their business models and their premises, lifting the products onto the international market and use businesses as focal points in the local community and as inspiration for young people. The project reaches out to a wider part of the local community, but retains the artisan at its centre. The project will be together partners from Norway, Canada, Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. The total value of the project is EUR1.78m with EUR1.08m offered by the EU.   These successes are a great opportunity for CCGHT to contribute to the conservation, development and promotion of the Causeway Coast and Glens unique heritage both the natural environment and local culture whilst creating enhanced visitor experience and developing local socio-economic opportunities.

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