The Binevenagh Landscape Partnership invites tenders from suitably qualified individuals/companies for a fencing project on the Moors of Castlerock as part of a conservation grazing scheme and habitat restoration.

The aim of the Moors of Castlerock project is to restore the threatened Maritime Heath habitat through the introduction of a sensitive conservation grazing regime. After many years without grazing or management, this special habitat has been invaded by Bracken, non-native species and scrub which has resulted in the loss of the special biodiversity.

By returning grazing to the site we aim to reverse the degradation of the site and encourage the native heath plants to flourish benefiting a wide range of species such as birds, butterflies, moths and Common Lizard.

There is currently no provision in place to safely graze cattle, so this infrastructure needs to be installed, which includes one large grazing paddock with kissing gates, field gates and a cattle holding area.

Please see the link below for the tender document and application, a project map, images of similar work and examples of materials to be quoted for.

The closing date for this tender submission is Friday 13th May 2022 at 10.00am.

Please note that prior to submission, a site visit on Monday 9th May with Binevenagh LPS staff is essential. Please see appendix one in the tender document for available time slots. If you intend to tender, please email with a preferred time slot.

For any questions, please email or call 07951 371561.

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