The project is well and truly underway!


The outreach programme has begun, starting with a warm welcome from the Girls Brigade in Roseyard. It’s great seeing the enthusiasm shown by young people when provided with a just a little bit of encouragement! I also presented at Rachel Bain’s Bee Inspired talk in Portrush Town Hall, very interesting hearing some of the attendee’s experiences with hedgehogs and it is always welcome news hearing where they are still being seen regularly today. There is still a solid foundation in which we can build the population back up!

Site surveys are currently being carried out around several different places using the footprint tunnels, have you noticed any around on your walks? These will be decreasing as we come into the colder weather as the hedgehogs begin hibernating, but this shouldn’t be for at least another month. Remember to keep reporting your sightings to me via or on my Facebook help the hedgehogs. Alternatively, I would recommend familiarising yourself with CEDaR’s website and try uploading your sightings yourself, it is easy to use and should definitely be of interest to any wildlife lover.

This coming month sees a busy schedule of primary school visits. Looking forward to meeting all our future wildlife enthusiasts in which I am sure will be an enjoyable experience for all.


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