The BIG Spring Clean
CCGHT staff & friends help with the BIG Spring Clean on the Island.

As part of TIDY N.Ireland’s “The Big Spring Clean” Campaign the Causeway Coast & Glens Heritage Trust received an invite to assist Rathlin Development Community Association and the local Primary School on the island, St Mary’s PS with a beach clean on Friday 30 March. The BIG Spring Clean is being funded by the DOE’s Rethink Waste Programme and has a growing number of other important partners. Alex Attwood, Environment Minister said “The appeal of our country is its clean and green image that is compromised, damaged and prejudiced by litter, be it marine litter, street litter or any other sort of litter.  It creates the wrong message and the wrong image. The Big Spring Clean is a short sharp shock therapy to do a lot of clean up in a short space of time to highlight the risks of litter on one hand and the opportunity to make it better on the other”.

A big thanks to Nikki Maguire (QUB student placement), Tiarnan McCarry, Grace and 5 pupils from Bunscoil an Chaistil for helping us today to undertake a major beach clean on Rathlin Island. A huge thanks to the local ladies who provided tea, coffee and biscuits.

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