In July 2020, CCGHT met with Forest Service NI to learn more about how forests and woodlands will be managed within the outstanding landscape of Antrim Coast and Glens AONB.

Since 2018, Forest Service have been conducting widespread consultation and research, scoping a new Forest Plan for the Antrim Forest Area. Forestry Plans shape the sustainable management of our forests and woodland, providing an outline for their composition, design and felling. Forest Plans also include conservation outcomes concerning landscape improvement, water quality and the protection of important habitats and species.

Forestry planning involves consulting and engaging with people, including stakeholder organisations and relevant bodies, to ensure that all potential interests are considered, including those of specialist interest groups and the local community. CCGHT staff enjoyed learning more about Forest Planning and welcomed Forest Service NI’s renewed commitment to planting native broadleaved trees and the creation of important wildlife corridors through the new Antrim Forest Area Plan.

Check out the Forestry Planning Story Map for more information on Forestry Planning in your area.

CCGHT look forward to continuing to work with Forest Service NI to further the sustainable management of our precious forests and woodlands.

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